Monday, August 23, 2010

Sad for our Seniors

The woman we helped today is not homeless. She has a small apartment in subsidized housing for seniors and disabled people. She is elderly, disabled, on oxygen and a bit of a hoarder. Her apartment was clean but she just had too much stuff! The exterminators were needing to treat her apartment but there were too many things in the way. Without help she would wind up evicted. She has no family to speak of and she can't do much herself. She spends most of her time in a scooter or in her lift chair. Her speech is slow but she is a very sharp lady! And kind of funny in her own way. Where does someone like her turn for help?

InterServ's nurse got things moving and we organized a small crew to go in today and move things and clean things and work to get ready for the exterminator. We had to wrap things in plastic, throw things out, box up things, do endless laundry, you get the picture. It was a long hot day for everyone!Special thanks to Zach & Kyle who agreed to help us for a few bucks and InterServ Home Care Aide Marsha who has done an unbelievable amount of work to help this client.

It was sad that an agency like InterServ is really the only place this woman has to turn to in a time of crisis. But, at least we were able to help her and keep her in housing! In this season of United Way giving just remember that sometimes agencies are the only "family" some people have.

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  1. Just a follow up to this post. The lady is back in her apartment after 2 days away in a hotel. She has a new lift chair and hopefully everything will be ok in her apartment. We are crossing our fingers!